La Grange Highlands - Cook County, Illinois 

"Now if you’re talking about a big system, the only thing I could recommend is to try and isolate a problem area, make your big system a small system as a test area... and give that a try."

“I think word of mouth is more important than any kind of report you can come up with... I would be listening more to someone who has experience with it... so I think that’s a hands-on operator getting advice from another hands-on operator."

"I could immediately see a decline of main breaks after my first installations.  I continued to install two or three each year when changing mains, installing hydrants, or at breaks in the more vulnerable areas."

"...Before we put the suppressor in... when the pump would turn on or turn off... you could see the gauge bounce... and now you don’t see that gauge move at all.  So I know there’s nothing going on in the system... compared to what used to be."

"Future plans include installation of two additional suppressors this year.  I’m impressed with the success of these installations."
Jeff Sheppler
Water Superintendent
(708) 246-5657

Village of Hodgkins – Cook County, Illinois 

"We were averaging anywhere from 20 to 30 breaks a year and was costing us a lot of money... we started installing them in our system... at this point in time we probably average one a year on the old system and we haven’t had any on the new system..."

"They worked almost instantly after we put the first ones in."

"We have been able to upgrade more of our system... put in new mains where we needed to and upgrade our fire hydrants"

"We just last year spent one hundred ten thousand dollars on electronic radio read meters and a computer system so we don’t have to go out and read meters.  We’d saved enough money to pay for this right out of the budget with no financing."

"I know it saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past ten years.   We finally have money in our budget to do other things with and not pay (for) all these repairs."

Jim Barnes
Water Superintendent since 1992
(708) 579-6700

Village of Burr Ridge – DuPage County, Illinois 

"Main breaks are terrible... and used to happen in the middle of the night or on the coldest of days... they were very inconvenient."

"Residents get really angry when they can’t get water out of the sink."

"One of the things with a main break... you’re losing water!  It gets expensive!"

"It worked for us... and I’m glad we did it. We saved a lot of money... a lot of time... and we got a lot of customer satisfaction."

Bud Coglianese
Former Village President
(630) 654-8484

Village of Indian Head Park – Cook County, Illinois 

"In one particular case, there’s a water main within our town that had approximately two dozen breaks... during one of those brakes we decided to install a surge suppressor and since that time we have not had any more water main breaks on the 2,500 foot line."

"Right now the surge suppressor is the least expensive item when the Village comes out to repair water mains."

"Your average time to install the necessary fittings and surge suppressor would be... maybe... a half-hour to forty-five minutes... so that the additional cost would be minimal considering the value of reducing the amount of main breaks, if not eliminating them."

" ...It’s very easy to install and the benefits are enormous"

" ...from a public relations point of view we would think it’s appropriate to be proactive and not reactive..."

Edward Santen
Public Works Director and Water Superintendent since 1980
(630) 654-8484

Village of Clarendon Hills – DuPage County, Illinois 

Mr. Wagner first learned about surge suppression when a consulting engineer, Novotny & Associates, had specified installation of two suppressors during a water main replacement project.

Another advisor, Dr. Henry of Fauske & Associates, a leading proponent of water hammer mitigation, recommended Heil2O Surge Suppressors.

Mr. Wagner was especially impressed by the performance in a particular instance when the Village’s control system malfunctioned and the rapidly modulated pumps tripped off.  With the suppressors installed, no breaks occurred.  On several subsequent occasions with similar rapid flow changes, no breaks occurred.

Brian Wagner
Water Department Supervisor
(630) 323-6673

Palos Hills - Cook County, IL

“We have a fragile system made of cast iron which tends to be brittle at certain temperatures,” said Dave Weakly, commissioner of public works, water and sewer, Palos Hills, IL. “We were averaging about 70 breaks a year, but since installing six of Howard’s devices in the most problematic locations, the number of breaks is cut almost in half. We feel this is a real good reduction. It (the surge suppressor) definitely ‘softens’ the system from pressure fluctuations.”

Dave Weakly
Commissioner of Public Works, Water and Sewer, Palos Hills

Arlington Heights - Cook County, IL

“We’re an old village, and we used to have around 150 water main breaks a year. We had two especially problematic areas in town with water mains originally placed through back yards,” said Terry Botterman, water distribution foreman of Arlington Heights, IL. “Through the years, residents put in decks and sheds, making it impossible to get equipment in. Any breaks had to be hand-dug – a huge expense. Also hydrants were placed on the end of blocks causing water hammer on a large scale. We researched replacing the water main in just the two areas, and the estimates came in around $6 million. Impossible. Instead we replaced hydrants with Howard’s suppressor attached and we’ve had no main breaks in two years. Today, we’ve got a lot of them in the ground. They saved us, and I believe in them."

Terry Botterman
Water Distribution Foreman, Arlington Heights

Hickory Hills - Cook County, IL

“Hickory Hills used to have a lot of water main breaks – some 200 per year on average. We’re an old village with varying elevations – 50 psi at the top and 90 psi at the bottom, said Larry Boecher, director of public works and a professional engineer. “After installing (Heil 2o’s) surge suppressors and taking other measures, too, I would say we have about 50 a year now. That’s significant improvement.”

Larry Boecher
Director of Public Works, Hickory Hills